Patient monitors and hemodialysis machines

Patient monitors and hemodialysis machines

Comprehensive monitoring and dialysis systems

Patient Care

Patient Monitoring

    Accidents often occur in the hectic pace of our modern times. But also due to the long life expectancy, serious health problems occur again and again. These emergencies must be responded to quickly and competently, and excellent equipment is just as important a component in rescuing patients. The emergency sector has long been an integral part of our health care, relying on the constant development and improvement of medical technology. An accident often occurs suddenly and is fraught with uncertainty and urgency, placing high demands on emergency care.

    Our products offer the optimal solution for this challenge:

    Prehospital Rescue & Ambulance: EMS, is multi-parameter module as well as transport monitor. With compact size and light weight, EMS meets the requirement to monitor patients during transport.

    ER treatment: A-Series / M-Series patient monitors provide fast, accurate and reliable monitoring, including ECG, RESP, TEMP, NIBP, SPO2, CO2, ICG, etc.

Patient Monitoring Q-Series Q3/Q5/Q7


Display Q3 10.4″
Dimensions Q3 318 x 264 x 152 mm
Weight Q3 ≤ 4,5 kg
Display Q5 12.1″
Dimensions Q5 318 x 264 x 152 mm
Weight Q5 ≤ 4,5 kg
Display Q7 15″
Dimensions Q7 335 x 366 x 172 mm
Weight Q7 ≤ 6,0 kg
Standard modules slots Q3,Q5 / Q7 2 / 3
Power supply AC 100-240V 50/60Hz
Alarmhinweise visual and audible alarms; low/medium/high alarms; pitch tone assistance
Modes 3-channel, 5-channel or 12-channel (optional)
Cable I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF, Cx
Amplification 2.5mm/mV, 5mm/mV, 10mm/mV, 20 mm/mV, 40mm/mV, auto
CMRR ≥90dB (Diagnosemodus) ≥105dB (Monitormodus)
Bandwidth 0.5-40Hz (Monitormodus) 0.05-150Hz (Diagnosemodus)
Heart rate range 10-300BPM
Accuracy ± 1BPM
Method Thorax impedance
Range 0-150 breaths per minute
Apnea alarm available
Method Automatic oscillometric
Operating modes Manual, automatic, STAT
Heart rate range 10-300 BPM
Measurement SYS, DIA, Average value
Measuring range Adult: 30-270mmHg (SYS)
Adult: 10-220mmHg (DIA)
Pediatric: 30-235mmHg (SYS)
Pediatric: 10-220mmHg (DIA)
Neonates: 30-135mmHg (SYS)
Neonates: 10-100mmHg (DIA)
Unit mmHg / Kpa selectable
Automatic measurement 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20,30,45,60,90 Minutes2,4,8,12 Hours
BLT Digital SpO2 (Pulse oximetry)
Range 0-100%
Accuracy ± 2% (70% ~ 100%) ± 3% (40% ~ 69%) unspecified (0 ~ 39%)
Channels (max.) 6 Channels
Area 0°C-50°C (32°F-122°F)
Unit Celsius, Fahrenheit
Accuracy ± 0.1°C oder ± 0.1°F
IBP (optional)
Channels (max.) 6 Channels
Sensitivity of the probe 5uV/V/ mmHg, ± 2%
Measuring range -50 ~ +350 mmHg
EtCO2 Sidestream (optional)
Measuring method Infrared spectrum
Measuring range 0.0 ~ 13.1% (0 ~ 99.6 mmHg)
Resolution 1 mmHg
Accuracy 0% – 4.9% ± 0.3% (±2mmHg)
5.0% – 13.1% ± 10% read off
Measuring range awRR 3 ~ 150 rpm
EtCO2 Mainstream (optional)
Measuring method Infrarotspektrum
Measuring range 0.0 ~ 19.7% (0 ~ 150 mmHg)
Resolution 1 mmHg
Accuracy 0-40 mmHg, ±2mmHg
41-70 mmHg, ±5% read off
71-100 mmHg, ±8% read off
101-150 mmHg, ±10% read off
Measuring range awRR 3 ~ 150 rpm
EtCO2 Microstream (optional)
Measuring method Infrared spectrum
Measuring range 0.0 ~ 19.7% (0 ~ 150 mmHg)
Resolution 1 mmHg
Accuracy 0-40 mmHg, ±2mmHg
41-70 mmHg, ±5% read off
71-100 mmHg, ±8% read off
101-150 mmHg, ±10% read off
Measuring range awRR 2 ~ 150 rpm
Multigas (optional)
Gas type
± 0.3% ABS+4% REL
± 2% ABS+5% REL
± 2% ABS+2% REL
± 0.2% ABS+10% REL
± 0.2% ABS+10% REL
± 0.2% ABS+10% REL
Measuring range awRR 2 ~ 150 rpm
Measurement accuracy awRR ± 1 rpm
System response time < 1 Sekunde

(7)” TFT LCD touch screen, 800×600 pixels
Built-in rechargeable battery
User friendly user interface
Digital SpO2
Radio or cable communication with central station system
Parameters: ECG (3-pole), RESP, Digital SpO2, NIBP, TEMP

Technical data
Dimensions                    220 (W) x 180 (H) x 90 (D) mm
Weight                             1,6 kg (with battery)
Power supply                   100~240V; AC: 47~63 Hz
Alarm indications            visual and audible alarms
leads                                    I, II, III, aVR, aVL, aVF
Speed                                   6.25 mm/s, 12.5 mm/s, 25 mm/s, 50 mm/s
Heart rate range                10-300BPM
Accuracy                              ± 1BPM
Method                                impedance measurement
Measurement range         0-150bpm
Standard configuration
Method                         Automatic oscillometric
Operating modes        Manual, STAT, Auto
Measurement              systolic pressure
dialostic pressure
Mean value
Adult range:                  10-270mmHg
Pediatric:                      10-235mmHg
Neonatal:                       10-135mmHg
Unit                                  mmHg
Automatic measurement 1,2,3,4,5,10,15,20,30,45,60,90 minutes; 2,4,8,12 hours.
600 groups of NIBP measurement data review
BLT Digital SpO2 (Pulse Oximetry)
Range                      0-100%
Accuracy                  ±2% (70-100%, adult/child) Non-specific (0-69%)
Pulse rate range and accuracy:       25~250BPM ± 1BPM
Channel                      1 Channel
Range                          0-50°C
Unit                            Celsius, Fahrenheit
Resolution                 1°C
Accuracy                     ±0.1°C (25°C~50°C)
Temperature Operating:        5°C-40°C
Storage/transport:                  -20°C-55°C
Humidity In operation:          <85%, non-condensing
Storage/transport:                  <93%, non-condensing

Patient Monitor M880

The portable M880 monitor is designed for continuous monitoring as well as spot checks of EtCO2, RR, SpO2 and PR signals of adults, children and neonates. It can also be used in the veterinary field.



Technical Specifications
Size 4.3 inch
Resolution 480 x 272
Touch Resistive touch display
Autorotation 4 directions
Power connection Output: DC 5V/2A, Input: AC 100~240V
Type 11.1V 4000mAh, rechargeable lithium ion battery
CO2 measurement method Infrared spectrum
Measuring range 0-19.7% (0-150mmHg/0-20kPa)
CO2 accuracy <5.0% CO2:±2mmHg, >5.0% CO2:<6%
CO2 resolution 0.1mmHg
Gas flow rate 60~80ml/min
Data update every 13 seconds
Calibration Offset Calibration, Auto/Manual
SpO2 measurement range 0~100%
SpO2 Resolution 1%
SpO2 accuracy 70~100%: ± 2%, 35~69%: ± 3%, 0~34%: undefined
SpO2 data update every 13 seconds
PR measurement range 25~250 bpm
PR resolution 1 bpm
PR accuracy ± 1% or ± 1 bpm

Hand pulse oximeter M800

Available in the versions 1) SpO2 only, 2) SpO2 + ECG 3-pole
2.4″ OLED display
Compact, easy to carry and use
Automatic display rotation
2 selectable working modes- spot monitoring and continuous monitoring
Large data memory and transfer to PC
3x alkaline batteries 1.5 volt (AA) or
Rechargeable lithium battery guarantees up to 16 hours of continuous operationGeneral

Dimensions 58 (W) x 120 (H) x 22 (D) mm
Weight 300 g
opt. Power supply (charger) 100~240VAC, 50/60Hz
Conforms to IEC 60601-1-2:2007 standards
IEC 60601-1-4:1996
IEC 60601-1-8:2005
IEC 60601-2-27:2005
IEC 60601-2-49
Classification IIb
Measurement technology Digital SpO2
Measuring range 0~100
Resolution 1%
Accuracy 70~100% : ±2%
35~69% : ±3%
0~34% : unspecific
Alarms adjustable
Data update period < 30 seconds
Diagonal 2.4″
Resolution 240 x 320
Active area 36.72 x 48.96 mm
Alarm indicator Red, Yellow
Charge indicator Orange, on when charging
Off when fully charged or not charging
Power indicator Green when connected to power supply
Curves derivative I, II, III
Size x0.25mm/mV, x0.5mm/mV, x1 (2.5mm/mV, 5mm/mV, 10mm/mV).
Impedance input ≥ 5MΩ (d.c.~60Hz).
ECG signal range ≤ 0.1uA.
MON ≥105dB
Frequency response OPS 0.05~100Hz
MON 0.05~40Hz
Noise level ≤ 30µVpp RTI
Calibration signal 1mV ±5%.
HR range 10 ~ 300 bpm
HR resolution 1 bpm
HR accuracy ±1% or ±1 bpm.
(whichever is greater)
Protection Defibrillator protection
Recovery after defibrillation Recovery of waveform in 5 seconds, according to GB9706.25-2005
Audio indicators
Buzzer alarm, key tones, beep
Pitch tone and multi-volume function
According to IEC 60601-1-8
Alarm pressure 45 ~ 85 dB, 1m
Data management
Display mode Trend display and table
Trend interval Selectable: 2s~30min. (SpO2, PR)
Parameter PR, SpO2
Nellcor SpO2, ECG 3-wire, infrared receiving adapter, lithium battery (charger included)

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Biolight homecare products


Patient Care


  • Advanced therapy options:
    The D800 series offers HD, HF, HDF, IUF and sequential dilaysis therapy options.
    Heparin multifunction pump
    Supports 5ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml and 50ml syringes. Automatic
    Control of syringe type.
    High capacity battery
    Equipped with a 10000mAh battery that lasts up to 30 minutes in case of power failure.
    Leakage detection
    Quick detection of fluid leakage and blood loss.
    Schnelles Erkennen von Flüssigkeitsaustritt und Blutverlust.


  • Touchscreen
  • Großes Zubehörfach
  • 360° Ton-Licht-Alarm
  • Drehung um 270° Winkel

The D800 series offers the function of the patient IC card to document the therapy data during treatment.
The individualized therapy data can be stored on the patient IC card. The individualized therapy data can be stored on the patient IC card to track the previous treatment.

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