Our Mission

Our mission is to continue to build our company with qualified personnel and offer our customers the products with a comprehensive package of service and performance. We aim to provide outstanding service package with our products and strive to provide one-stop procurement, maintenance and repair of the products.

Our Motto

Our passion fulfills our mission. Achieving it is our goal.

— Musleh

Our vision

Our vision is to establish ourselves on the market and to train regularly. In this way we would like to improve our services and expand our offer. We are in a constant growth of the medical industry and will adapt to each new requirement. Thus, we will always remain at the forefront and achieve our goal of becoming one of the leading providers of medical technology.

Our Motto

At the beginning of a great success there is always a vision.

— Hermann Simon

Learn more about us!

  • Our strengths

    Our strengths include above all:

    • Extensive language skills
    • Reliable business partners worldwide
    • Outstanding products and services
    • Medical technology know-how
  • Our features

    • With us, you won’t be stuck in long waiting loops. Our employees are personally available for you. We arrange appointments according to your needs. That way you remain flexible.

    • The environment is close to our hearts, which is why we pay attention to the sensible use of resources in the delivery and packaging of our products in order to reduce waste.

    • We are not tied to one manufacturer. This allows us to provide all services from a single source. This means less effort for you and a fixed contact person.

    • Customer satisfaction, quality and excellent performance are our three overarching values that embody our strengths. They define the norms of our corporate culture and govern our decision-making. They reflect the best of us and clarify who we are at BioMEDanas.

    • We convince you not only by best quality, but also by an optimal price-performance ratio. We will be happy to submit you a non-binding offer.

    • Our employees are important to us, so we like to make sure you have an optimal work-life balance. This leads to better performance for all of us.

  • This is what we plan

    We also plan to offer the following services in the future::

    • Used medical technology
    • Leasing of medical technology
    • Lending equipment
    • MTK’s, STK’s, testing, maintenance and repairs of medical technology
    • Installation & instruction
    • Maintenance management
    • Mediation of international partnerships


  • Our promise

    For us, your concern is important, so we are happy to facilitate suitable packages for you. We will serve you as a reliable partner and will be happy to help you with any questions or problems.